I generally recommend that a landlord bring an eviction action as soon as a tenant falls behind in rent.  If the landlord lets two or more months go by without demanding that the tenant pay rent, the tenant will believe they can stay in the property without having to pay rent, lease or no lease.  Bringing an eviction action shows the tenant that the landlord is serious about payment of rent, and that the tenant has to pay rent in order to stay in the property.

After the landlord has successfully evicted the tenant, I recommend that the landlord sue the tenant in conciliation court for the unpaid rent and any other amounts due and owing under the lease in order to get a judgment against the tenant, and transfer that judgment from conciliation court to district court..  Although the landlord cannot expect to get any money that day, that week, that month, or even that year, the tenant will eventually want to buy a house, but will be unable to qualify for a mortgage with the landlord's judgment on their record

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04/27/2016 6:58am

Nice to read this informative article about the eviction action. It is good to do these things when the tenant is creating a problem is paying the rent. A lot of people do not know about these things and such information is always good for the landlord.

05/10/2016 12:44pm

Thanks Timothy for writing this detail about the eviction action. A lot of landlords and a lot of tenants face a lot of issues regarding these matters and it is good to have some advice from the legal advisors to resolve the conflicts as early as possible.


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