Tim is teaching a seminar on bankruptcy basics. The seminar will be held on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 9 AM at Tim's office, 2140 – 4th Ave., North, Anoka, MN 55303. The seminar is scheduled to last for one hour.

Here is the description of the seminar:

This seminar covers the basics of bankruptcy for consumer and small business debtors, including the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, exemptions and ways to keep non-exempt property, and what to expect at the Meeting of Creditors and other bankruptcy-related court hearings.  Intended for consumer and small business debtors, as well as attorneys who do not handle bankruptcy cases, this seminar will introduce you to bankruptcy.

ATTORNEYS: One standard CLE credit has been applied for.

WARNING: Tim is a debt-relief agent, and his office is a debt-relief agency.  Tim helps people like you to file for bankruptcy relief.

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08/10/2016 3:11am

Some of the time the account holder's chapter 11 endeavor falls flat, and their insolvency is denied or their case gets rejected. In the event that you are fortunate, what is owed to you gets pronounced non-dischargeable, which implies you can continue gathering your judgment obligation. In the event that your obligation is proclaimed non-dischargeable, that is great on the grounds that the other leasers' obligations are wiped out, and you can again attempt to recuperate your judgment. If you would like to know about business, visit us at childcaresales.com.au

Deb Allen
08/10/2016 5:07pm

09/03/2016 1:54pm

That was a great seminar to attend Tim has good knowledge and nicely said about the problems and basics of bankruptcy. This will be very much helpful to me I am being small business entrepreneur. Dealing with bank loans and how to re pay them what are advantages in it and disadvantage if loan payment creeps up. What laws say about bankruptcy.

11/07/2016 6:50am

The seminar on bankruptcy by Tim was awesome. I attended it along with some of my friends.

11/17/2016 5:41am

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12/09/2016 9:49am

Tim's efforts to deal with bankruptcy is awesome. I am willing to share his experience.


I would like to attend this seminar. Where and when do you suppose to start?


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