The Minnesota Supreme Court released one decision on attorney ethics and discipline this week.  Here is the summary:

A14-0211, In re Petition for Disciplinary Action against Jason William McGee, a Minnesota Attorney,Registration No. 387360

Attorney Jason William McGee committed professional misconduct warranting public discipline, namely, failing to timely file his 2008-2011 state income taxes, in violation of Minn. R. Prof. Conduct 8.4(d), being convicted of felony failure to pay income taxes, in violation of Minn. R. Prof. Conduct 8.4(b), failing to appear at court hearings in two matters, in violation of Minn. R. Prof. Conduct 1.3, 3.2, and 8.4(d), and failing to cooperate with the Director, in violation of Minn. R. Prof Conduct 8.1(b) and Rule 25, Rules on Lawyers Professional Responsibility (RLPR).

The parties entered into a stipulation that the appropriate discipline is suspension from the practice of law for a minimum of 1 year with the right to petition for reinstatement after 10 months.  The Minnesota Supreme Court ordered discipline accordingly.

Tim represents attorneys facing professional discipline, and consults with attorneys about whether a particular situation or proposed course of conduct implicates the Rules of Professional Conduct.  When faced with a situation that may implicate the Rules of Professional Conduct, Tim always recommends that an attorney seek an advisory opinion from the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility. 

WARNING: The information contained in this blog post does not constitute legal advice and may not be applicable to your situation.  Reading this blog post does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Baland Law Office, P.L.L.C.  Also, Tim is licensed only in state and federal courts in Minnesota.  As such, any information provided in this blog post pertains only to those jurisdictions.  Further, you should always discuss your situation with an attorney before taking any action based on what you may read in this blog.  To that end, please call (763) 450-9494 to set up an appointment to discuss your situation. 



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